Five a Day of Fruit and Veg May Not Be Enough

Five a Day of Fruit and Veg May Not Be Enough
New research suggests that we should forget about consuming 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day and almost double this amount by aiming closer to 10 portions instead.

Researchers from various academic and medical institutions examined over 350 studies from around the world and found that people who frequently consumed 800 grams of fruit and veg per day (equal to 10 portions) had a significantly lower risk of chronic diseases including heart disease and cancer.

The researches actually estimated that a total of 5.6 million early deaths globally in 2013 resulted from eating less than 500 grams of fruit and veg per day! And by recommending 800 grams of fruit and veg, this could have avoided 7.8 million early deaths.

Clearly there are many more factors involved in the development of these diseases including other dietary factors, physical activity level, smoking etc. but adding more fruit and veg to your diet might this not be something to seriously think about!

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